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The Week in Brief Financial infrastructure upstart Plaid raised $425M in a Series D funding round, putting the company’s valuation at $13.4B. This is its first funding since its $5.3B sale to Visa was blocked. Facebook Pay is testing the use of person-to-person QR code payments, allowing users to instantly transfer money with a simple […]

Can you actually “Invest” in cryptocurrency?

You’ve probably read in the news how Bitcoin recently set an all-time high in value of over $7,000 per bitcoin when just a year ago each one was worth less than $1,000. Or you may have seen stories about certain cryptocurrencies increasing over 20 times in value in this year alone. To the typical investor, this may seem like the wild west and be entirely intimidating, which can lead many everyday people to avoid the cryptocurrency market because of the volatility and difficulty in entering it in the first place

Cryptocurrency Exchanges Begin Going With The Grain Of Regulation

Intense industry hype and alarming cryptocurrency volatility have led regulators the world over to perk up their ears to the growing number of cryptocurrency exchanges. At first glance, it appears as if the watchdogs are coming down hard on the industry in response to anxieties over the risk of illicit and criminal activity, as well as a lack of investor protection

Vaultbank Raises $3 Million, Launches Vaultbank Fund

Vaultbank (, the cryptocurrency exchange platform for buying, selling, and trading asset-backed tokens, today announced it has raised over $3 million in funding, reaching the soft cap for its VB token sale. VB tokens are currently being distributed to Vaultbank token sale backers. The company also announced the launch of the Vaultbank Fund, which provides the main asset-backing of each VB token and intends to pay quarterly dividends in Ethereum (ETH)